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Help troubleshooting 5870 GSOD.

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Hello, first post here and unfortunately it's a request for help.
My situation is the following. A couple of months ago, I purchased a second 5870 (a vtx3d 5870 basically a rebranded powercolor) to pair up with the sapphire 5870 I had already. Everything worked fine the first couple of months, but then around the end of june problems started.

Time to time, the screen would flash and for a split second, I would get what looked exactly like a GSOD that plagued early 5870 but that was just for a split second, I had barely the time to perceive it.

Earlier this month, the bearing of my sapphire 5870 fan tought it was the appropriate moment to die and so it did. "Good thing I have this other video card to keep me going meanwhile the other is RMAed" I tought, well, never words were more poorly choosen.

I finally understood that the cause of my problems was this videocard and not an issue with the crossfire setup (tried to change the crossfire bridge, tried another PSU). This card randomly flickers, it's hard to explain but imagine tearing focused in a certain area of the monitor, and that are flashes randomly displaying those stripes every tenth of a second or so. It doesn't affect the whole monitor, just that area. I ran some checks on this card that included:

-test the video memory with video ram stress test (not sure how reliable that is, did it in dos enviroment and it reported 0 errors overnight).

-replaced one of the two power connector (it was one of those molex adapter you find in vga boxes) with another cable coming directly from the psu.

-removed the OC from the cpu (just in case, my system worked flawlessly with the sapphire 5870 and the OCed cpu for more than a year)

In the end it seems that what causes the flickering and line screens is the ram. The wierd thing is that I am running stock clocks on the card and never OCed it. The chips on the ram seem unable to work at 1200mhz for extended periods of time, after 2-3 hours, the issue will manifest itself, eventually resuling in a permanent GSOD and a hard lock up of the system. Time to time it just flickers heavily, but goes away for a while. I tought that it might be the chips overheating, seeing they don't come with any heatsink on them, and are justs exposed 1 inch under the main heatsink, but I do not know if there's a tool that measures the vram temperatures, if it's of any help, no one of the 3 temperature readings gpu-z shows has gone past 70 degrees.

I've tried to reproduce the error, but the results are been unreliable. I tried to lightly overclock the rams from 1200 to 1225 and that resulted in an almost immediate flickering+GSOD as soon as the card jumped to 3d clocks. Rebooted the system again, keeping the same clocks and the card ran the unigine heaven just fine for a couple of hours. I closed it,opened gpu-z and as soon as I clicked on the "sensors" tab, I got a GSOD except, it was white.

So, I was obviously thinking about RMAing the card, but due to the extreme difficulty to reproduce the issue, I fear they might just refuse it. The card works fine for a while at stock clocks, then the issue starts to show up (happens rather often in games like portal 2 and tf2). Sometimes it takes a couple of hours, other time it's immediate.

Is there something else I could try on my end? The retailer is opening on 29th so until then, a RMA is out of question. And to think I even tought when purchasing the second 5870 "Well, this will have me covered in the case a graphic card breaks, what are the odds both cards will ever break at the same time?" Someone must have heard me :/

P.S: My power supply is a LC arkangel 850, manufactured by CWT.
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are your drivers up to date, might not work but worth a try because some of the drivers do have glitches.
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Not sure if this helps, but my second 5870 used to do this after a few hours of heavy play (by GSoD I assume you mean Green Stripes of Death?), but only because one set of VRAM heatsinks had fallen off.... for 3 months before I noticed and re-attached them.....

Anyway, dropping clocks to 830/1100 in the summer months solved the problem for me, and now I have the second one, there's still been no other problems any progress on your issue?
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