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Hey guys

This one is a bit hard to explain so please bear with me. At present i am using a dlink micro USB wireless N receiver. On stock clocks and ram at 1333 it runs perfectly with no problems at all. BUT!!! when I over clock especially when setting the ram to the specified 1600mhz i lose internet. It reckons that it is connected to the network but there is no internet access (I'm unsure weather files can be transferred over network tho. This only happens when i get the cpu to around the 4.0-4.1ghz range.

However everything else seems to be rock solid. I have ran prime 95, hyper Pi, slisoft sandra over it but it all passes. Except the usb micro device. USB drives work as well. I transferred a 100gb folder from an external and a 6gb from a flash drive with on problems.

I'm still a noob when over clocking especially with amd systems but to me this doesn't sound right. I hope that i have made sense any light on this would be much appreciated smile.gif.

vcore 1.38
ram 1.5
cpu ratio 17.5
fsb 230
ram freq 1599