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New to the idea of OC, NEED help with underperforming rig

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Good morning all,
I am debating looking into overclocking to solve my problem but I thought I’d outline the issue first before discussing whether OC would help me. So far I’ve have tried to run DA2 Witcher 2 and a few other games on the highest settings and I have had little difficulty but WoW seems to plague me with poor framerate and I’m not sure the issue. I’m at work so the best I can do is summarize my system:

Windows 7 Professional
CPU: i5-2500 Sandy Bridge
RAM: 8 gb
GPU: nVidia GTX 570
Running 1920x1080 on a 27†monitor

When I try to put my warcraft settings on High turning down the unnecessary hogs such as shadows, I have questionable performance in raids. Running around the world I stay at 60 fps with no issues (but no higher). When in a 25 man raid (such as Ragnaros, though the specifics of who that is is largely irrelevant for those not WoW inclined) my FPS hovers at 35-45 and then plummets to 15-20 FPS at moments with a large amount of activity going on. I’ve flipped between ultra and high and I get a slightly worse performance bumping some features up to Ultra.

With the setup that I do I don’t understand why I’m getting such a massive performance hit. Any thoughts? If there is any other bit of information that would help in the short term please ask. Can try to include more info when I get home from work.
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Hey dude,

Basically the issue you'll have isn't related to your hardware. Firstly on the ragnaros encounter there is a known issue with some of the drivers with the flame textures within cata... You can try updating your drivers to start with.

Also, WoW is heavily reliant on network latency. Whilst the release of cata has shifted data processing from your CPU -> GPU this doesn't help if you're lagging. I'm getting 60fps capped on that fight and if I remove VSync I get around 90 - 100 FPS.

It takes a bit of tweeking of drivers etc to get the best you can. I'm running ultra with Vsync and then setting DX11 mode... I'm currently running 268 I believe but I can confirm that later.

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I’m running in dx11 and my graphics card drivers are completely up to date. My latency isn’t amazing but it hovers between 60 and 120.

I’m not expecting super crazy performance but given my rig components I should be staying closer to 60 for that fight. Another guildmate just upgraded her computer to an i5-2500 and GTX570 and she has significantly better performance (close to 60 on Rag, dip to 40 for Seeds).

I’m just extremely frustrated because my old setup was mediocre to poor and I shelled out quite a bit of money for an upgrade to what I thought was higher end but the performance isn’t living up to that at all. I’m in serious need of help primarily because I’m not super computer savvy these days.
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You're running drivers 275.* aren't you on the drivers, i'm running 266, give those a shot and then report back



I'm running these http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/winxp...driver-uk.html I've got no issues at all with FPS.

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I can give that a shot when I return home. I'm somewhat skeptical though as the guild mate I am referring to is running the most recent nvidia drivers (i believe, not positive)

Could drivers be causing such a severe hit? I supose I should clarify that this is not exclusive to the Ragnaros encounter. During Staghelm (scorpion) and Alysrazor (grouping up for AoE) my FPS plummets as well 20 FPS or below. It's better than the 8 or 9 i got on my previous setup but I'm pretty sure this rig is slightly better than twice a strong as a 4 year old PoS.
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I'm pretty sure it'll be down to drivers, as I said, my sig rig I have no issues with at all but I am running on a 20Mb down 2Mb up line. Alysrazor uses the same textures as rag does so.

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Hrm, but on most if not all of the fights in Firelands I hover between 30 and 45 fps never up near 60. Is that expected for my rig? I'm pretty sure with what I have I should be able to pull close to 60 with settings on high (let alone ultra). I'm surprised going back that far in time in drivers would yield that much of an improvement given other people's performance but I'll try anything.

I'm just extremely frustrated and not being extremely proficient with computer systems these days is leaving me feeling helpless.
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tbh i'm never below 60fps.... Only when I lag sometimes on 25 man. But even then it's negligable.
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I know my system is professional gaming level but it's not THAT far behind what you have right? Could a driver be solely responsible for the massive massive FPS hit? From what I've read some people are talking maybe a 15% hit on performance from the 257 to the 266 drivers 9older article) but others report newer drivers to behave better. Ugh...I'm so lost
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Meant to say "isn't" professional gaming level.
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