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I don't think you will get the fibre line for free, you will probably have to call your ISP and ask if they can let you use it and chances are they will want a connection fee unless you are meant to be getting a fibre optic line, but it will be worth it connection fee
My Current ISP is Quest (becoming Centurylink), who currently has a Monopoly on my area, so I am literally stuck with 1.5Mb only because there was no one out here competing with quest (i can go 5 miles in ANY direction and see faster broadband, in fact i can go <1mile away and quest provides 7Mb.

The fiber that got run down my road is not Quest/centurylink fiber, but rather a Joint venture between NoaNet (Northwest Open Access Network) and the Port of Whitman County in Washington state, to lay fiber out into rural under-served Whitman County. NoaNet is a non-profit group of Public Utility Districts, which was great news to me at first, until I heard that Washington State has this ridiculous law that Non-Profit Municipalities cannot sell internet access directly to consumers ( REALLY?!?!?!?!? ) a quick look at NoaNet's webpage will show that this goes against everything that they are for.....

I did find out however, that even though this fiber is middle mile, it is designed as such that local access boxes can be added anywhere along the line. I just have to find a separate ISP who is willing to have that installed and serve me, which i think will be fairly easy if i can rally the rest of my community in support of such a project.