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At least see if you can complete Prime blend for an hour. Watch those temps like a hawk. I'm guessing at your current settings, you'll be near 75-80C under load after 15 minutes, if it even lasts that long. You'll probably need at least 1.45 in Windows, which will drive up your temps.

I'm currently at 1.48ish in the BIOS and under water. Most I've been able to run Prime Blend stable so far is 3 hours, though I had an SSD firmware issue causing random access problems which may have caused me issues. Haven't ran it since the firmware update.

One thing to keep in mind, sure .02v seems small, but that can generate a lot more heat. I jumped 10c by pushing 5.1ghz at 1.5v.
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Idle temps don't mean jack. You need to stress test that 5.0GHz for 12 hours using Prime95 custom blended (forcing all but 1GB of RAM usage) to know if it'll work. You probably don't have ENOUGH voltage. My chip takes 1.50v for 5.0GHz, but it's not possible on air.

And at 1.44v, I'll bet you overheat with your Frio under load.

I appreciate the great tips from both of you. I noticed that idle temperatures were too high at 1.49v to stay, so I have downclocked to 4.5ghz and put my memory to 1866. prime is running right now, for about 5 minutes. although it's too early to tell, temps are hovering around 58C with all workers still going. the voltage is set to 1.32 in bios, reads 1.308 in windows. hopefully it doesn't touch 65C. the fans are a bit below max, because the difference between now and maximum is crazy for sound, and I don't notice a jump in performance. (I would say about 75% speed.) I think this is fast enough for me for now, maybe until I get water cooling