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Overclocking 6950 (non-BIOS flash)

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I'm new to overclocking and I have a Sapphire 6950 card. I downloaded Trixx and what I see is Core Clock, Memory Clock and GPU Voltage. I understand the first two but I don't know much about voltage and how that will play out if I tinker with it. I have furmark to test out for stability but when I play games with the same clock that I ran in furmark the computer will shut down after 25 to 30 mins of game-play. When I'm playing BC2 with clocks at around 870 to 880 I see small black squares that flicker really quick and then go away.

So my question is how high can I overclock this card without flashing it to a 6970?

Also what happens when I increase voltage? What happens to the card and how does it help/not help?
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Raising the voltage may increase the stable clocks you can achieve. You'll need to keep a close eye on temperatures if you do so, since more voltage will yield more heat.

Also, MSI Afterburner and Kombustor are a good overclocking & stress-testing package.
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I have a Sapphire card though. Will MSI Afterburner work for a Sapphire card?
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1.1v is usually ok for your card, assuming that your temps are in check.
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Originally Posted by Sterisk View Post
1.1v is usually ok for your card, assuming that your temps are in check.
It was at 1.1v when i had it at 880/1325 and I kept seeing blackish squares on BC2 and then my computer froze after 30 to 40 mins.
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Your clocks are probably too high then.
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So does that mean I increase the voltage if I want a higher clock or how does it work?
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I wouldn't go past 1.1v, and just slowly increase the memory/core by 5 intervals until you reach instability. Be sure to check your temps too. You can use furmark to check for artifacts, as you have an amd card.
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