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Yeah I'm not by any means a ram buff lol, I just realized after purchasing that my ram was bottom of the barrel, just wanted to make sure it wasn't holding back anything else. I was just trying to figure out if I would see any real world difference and I'm gathering not really from what everyone says. This ram is already 1333@1.5v so shouldn't I not overclock it? Would the faster ram make any difference in PPD?
Well, you'll see an increase, but it won't be by much.

Going to the 8GB kit I linked to is 8GB 1600MHz at 8-8-8, which is respectable. It's faster timings and faster speed, and you don't drop any quantity, and it won't break the bank. If anything, I say that's your best consideration. Even that still won't make a big difference.

The better timings like 6-8-6 are not worth paying what amounts to a 100% price premium though. The ICs (or whatever) needed to net those timings are probably rare and more expensive, hence the price increase, so it's really only for RAM buffs and benchmarkers looking to squeeze everything from bandwitdh numbers or whatever, not for someone wanting to replace slower RAM with faster RAM.

I'd say either sit on what you have, or, since 8GB will be enough for a while yet, yet that speed might become slower sooner, sell it (it won't go for much since RAM prices are so low, but even getting $25 for it will help), and turn around and get one of the kits I linked to. If you can sell your current RAM to fund towards it, it's basically like paying less for the difference.