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Accirding to anandtech gpu bench, a gtx 465 kills a gtx 275, so you;d have to assume a 280 wont be much better than the 275, in which case the 465 would win.

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Originally Posted by Jeffredo View Post
Saw a Galaxy GTX 465 @ Newegg for $129.99 (no rebate to bother with either). Has that custom HSF with the removable fan for cleaning. The performance is identical to the GTX 460 1GB (both at stock clocks) and it uses about 35W-40W more power, which to me seems a non issue. If I didn't already have my current card and were looking for that level of performance I'd consider it.
the galaxy has HUGE headroom for overclocking too. Mine can do 850/1700/2000 at 1v (furmark tested and approved). 24/7 at 750/1500/1850 and it never breaks 80c.

OP, stick with the 280 for old games, not a significant difference in frames but less power consumption. Newer games is a no-brainer.
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