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I have 4 invites to give away to a lucky few people.
I will decide when to end the drawing. I might be either before work, or after I get out of work. So Saturday between 4am and 10am EST.

if you want an invite, here are the requirements.

You MUST have the number 33 in the last line of your post. <- make sure people read the OP.

You aren't required but I would prefer the invite to go to an android user.

You must have 25 Rep to enter.

You must also have at least 100 posts to enter.

I know the requirements are kinda out of the norm, but I want the winners to be somewhat heavy OCN users, and I want them to be the ones that actually read the OP, since I notice a lot of people that just go into the freebie section and post "IN!" to just try and win free stuff, I don't like that.
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