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HP TouchPad vs laptop/iPod Touch: Worthwhile replacement?

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My current mobile platoon currently consists of an old ASUS W5000 laptop (Pentium M 1.7Ghz, 3-4 hrs battery, 40GB HDD, Xubuntu Linux) and an iPod Touch (for web browsing only); both were pretty much free (actually the iPod Touch was $15 for a broken-condition touch; it has a few quirks, but it otherwise works fine).

As some of you may know, Best Buy just dropped the price of the TouchPad in Canada. It's so unbelievably low that despite my $300 camcorder plans, I really want to invest.

It's apparently got battery of around 8-9 hours. This is more than my laptop and iPod Touch combined. The OS looks like it is very full featured.

I'm in need of some quick opinion. Who thinks this would make for a worthwhile replacement of my fairly full featured laptop, and iPod Touch? I have no doubt that the resale profit I could make would be fairly big on both devices. My laptop might actually be of good use for my mom too, as she has been looking into an ultraportable laptop (or she could buy another one of these tablets). The TouchPad looks like it will be able to do everything my current mobile platoon does - probably not any more than (i.e. HD playback), but probably not any less either. If not both, would it replace one of these devices effectively?
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I think it would be worth it for a 32GB Touchpad. Hopefully since the market will get bigger and someone can figure out to get android on this thing!
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Definitely worth $99. Anandtech basically said in their review of the device, if they fix the few quirks and bugs in the software, it's easily the best tablet on the market. I personally think the Touchpad is way too thick/heavy (makes the Transformer look like an iPad), but for $99 it's a really good deal. It's experience is different from iOS and Android. It's sad that people only just now are discovering webOS after entire platform's reputation has basically been ruined.
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Coming from an iTouch user, iOS can blow hard at many times. The webOS looks different yet similar. But not as restrictive as Apple. cough
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