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hello I would like to urge and recommend everyone in OCN to give this awesome game a try. To anyone who grew up playing arcade games and beat em up types of games( such as golden axe, streets of rage, ninja turtle,simpsons,etc) this is a incredibly fun game.

Its basically gauntlet legends + mmorpg elements mixed in a blender. I found this game by chance one day i was bored and wanted to see what it was about. Now i am hooked on this game, and can never seem to get tired due to awesome beat em up style with my friends in multiplayer.

this game might have its few flaws but i recommend everyone give it a try, and better yet bring some friends in it and give it a try i guarantee you guys will have a lot of fun with it.

P.S- i recommend a gamepad, i use logitech ps2 one and to set it up just go to configuration and press any key you like makes the game a lot better.