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3.6 Not Stable on i5 750

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Hello everyone, like you see im new here and my english is not perfect but im try my best : )
So my CPU is i5 750, my motherboard is GA-P55A-UD3 and the CPU cooler is CM V8.
the problem is that: i just start learning about how perform OC to the CPU.. after 3 days of reading and writing notes i started my OC, it was easy and i got evetything on the first time.
but when i get to 3.6 the problems started.. i get a blue screens in the OCCT after 3-5 minutes, the screen freeze in the checks sometimes..
so i increased the CPU voltage ( Vcore ) and i reached to 3.62 stable but in the 1 hour check, in the final check of 4 hours it get stuck, so i put 3.60 and its get stuck too in the 4 hours check but in the last hour : |
i tried everything, increasing the CPU PLL, DRAM Voltage and of course the CPU Vcore ( i increased him a lot to check if thats the problem but no..)
and nothing helped.. i want get to the 4Ghz and i know some guys that made it but why not me ?! i think it because my Motherboard, that some people said he get burned in 3.5 and some said no.
The Temp is between 53-57 in 3.60 ( because the increasing of the CPU Vcore that i think i increased too much.. )
Here is 2 pictures, one of the FSB window and one of the Voltages Window



please try help me reach to 4Ghz and if i cant so do it stable in 3.70 or 3.66

another thing that i wish to ask you, when i was before 3.60 i remember that the CPU Vcore was on 1.28 and when i made the check in the OCCT i saw in the graph of the Vcore that the voltage is get down to 1.24 and in the end get back to 1.28, and when i decreased the Vcore to 1.24 it was not stable.. why ?

Big thank to the helpers : )
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someone ?
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