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I've had to switch to one of my old motherboards because I ordered new RAM and sold my old RAM without thinking there was a delay between me having to take my old RAM out and my new RAM getting shipped.

It's an ASRock K10-something (the one with the nForce 720a chipset), AM3/AM2+ socket, DDR2 support. I've got it along with the setup mentioned in my SigRig (besides the RAM, obviously) and it's giving me a Code-12 for my HD Audio as well as my OpenHCD USB Controller and my ATA Controller. For some reason my D-Link Wireless adapter still works fine, however, my keyboard and mouse conk out as soon as the OS is loaded. I can use them during POST and their lights are on afterwards, but I can only use a PS/2 keyboard.

Can anybody offer me a solution? I've tried reinstalling the chipset drivers.