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I still do most of my browsing on this XP+ 3200 WinXp system - Gigabyte GA7n400 Pro2 - 2Gb G.Skill ZX RAM - 512Mb AGP8 - 550Watt PSU, and think nothing of 3 or 4 Firefox, multi tabbed windows open all day long while I test programs and potter around with decrypters and image editors.

Even when - IF - it eventually becomes possible to run Delphi 7 in Win 8 and beyond I will still want to be able to test for backward compatability.
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Didn't have an actual Athlon XP chip, but I had a Sempron 3000+ on Socket A which was based on Athlon XP. It was some pre-built Compaq machine. I later threw in a GeForce 6600GT AGP so I could play CS: S and a few other games, lol.
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It is such the games' software stagnation that an Athlon XP paired with the latest AGP cards can easily play at low medium settings the 50% of modern titles.i had a Radeon 9600 in my system(before it died of age and crappy hantol PSU) and i could play Stalker CoC .The rig struggled in the second and third stalker but it was a vga bottleneck for the most part.of course the resolution was 1024x768 wink.gif.Oblivion was at 25-30FPS Rome 1 at 40 medieval 2 at 20-30.
I made an attempt to modernise the damn thing and later to donate to my nethew.I bought a Geforce 6200 AGP 512MB and a Hantol PSU 550W.
The required Amperage in 12v rail for 6200 is 18 A and the crappy hantol had 20A supposedly.Well it was a lie.The Geforce 6200 crashed all the time.I searched the net for years trying to find a solution.AGP combatibility (AGP 3.0 etc),BIOS updates RAM tweakings voltage adjustment ..I considered the new 20A Hantol innocent.I even baked the poor 6200 in the oven with the capacitors upside down.Boof 6200 dead.mad.gif
The guilt was on hantol cause when i put my radeon 9600 back it crashed in 3d applications.bam Radeon 9600 seriously ill(screen flickering).I put the anonymous 300W supply of 2002..and what a marvel everything ok.
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Years ago I gifted my computer with an XP 3200 to a friends kid and he and now his younger 3 siblings are still playing with it. As it was the end of that architecture I did not see a point in selling or keeping it but figured it's better to give it to a little kid so he can play couple of years with it but it surprised me with it's longevity. It's still used all the time and except the eldest boy nobody complains about it's performance. It runs at 2200 MHz, 2 GB of memory. ATI 9600 and Win XP.
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