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Don't even worry about the CPU gaming performance with the video cards you plan to use. They're both quite low end and you won't see any difference. Both CPUs would probably be held back by GPU. I don't think you'll even see a difference with high end GPUs. See the FPS difference in the Anandbench test? Less than 10 FPS difference in every single test, and most of the time the FPS are already in the 50s-60s (due to most monitor refresh rates you can't ever see more than 60FPS).

Take that 955 and overclock it and it will outperform the 2100. The 2100 stays where it is, due to no or extremely limited overclocking. Multithreaded tasks.... I think you can assume who wins with the true cores. Both AM3+ and LGA1155 platforms are futureproof at the moment and support next gen processors. AM3+ will take on all the way to next gen "Piledriver" core-based processors in Q3 2012, LGA1155 will take on "Ivy Bridge" based processors.

The Pentium G620 is something I don't even consider. It lacks many of the new features (i.e. AES) of the other higher end SB processors, there is a total lack of HyperThreading, and the low speed can be a weakness considering total lack of overclocking ability. An Athlon II provides a better option for the price, or an APU.

The lower cost Phenom II x4 925 (has to be bought in a combo with other item - choose one, I highly recommend the combos with the DDR3-1600 kits) for $90 will provide a good option. Pair it with a good mobo with good ref clock OC capability, and at least DDR3-1600, and you will be able to take it to 4Ghz.
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