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Hello everyone. I have a pretty high-end system which I built to run anything on the market, Including things like Battlefield 3 and skyrim. It's specs are: Intel i7-3770k @3.9 Ghz cooled by Corsair H50 water cooler, EVGA GTX 670 2gb, @1.15GHz, msi Z77A-GD55 motherboard, 8gb DDR3, windows 7. It performs flawlessly on everything i've given it, which are things like battlefield, Skyrim, metro series, crysis games, and so on, until now. I bought Dead island two days ago to play co-op with my younger brothers. It is stuttery as hell and doesnt run more than 40fps according to fraps. i've screwed around with all video settings including vsync on/off, and no matter what I set it at, it's always the same, disappointing framerate. Anyone know how to help me?