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I have a i7 990x cpu being water cooled and at the moment am happy with my current overclock which is just over 4.6GHz. The only thing am not happy with is my memory which is 1333MHz even though it's a 1600MHz memory ram. The only way to get the full 1600MHz is to change the Dram Frequency from "Auto" to 1600MHz. The reason why the memory stayed at 1333MHz is I did not change the BCLK and left it at 133 only changed the multiplier which is on 35 this is how I got over 4.6GHz. But what I wanted to no is for a i7 990x what Dram Bus Voltage (Which I understand is the memory voltage?) should I start with? cus at the moment this is on "Auto" and so is QPI/Dram Core Voltage which I don't no if it's for the memory also or should this be changed also?