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Logitech G900

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With a G100, G300, G400, G500 and G700 i think Logitech will probably soon announce a G900.

What are your expectations?

Personally I believe in over 8000 DPI (ADNS-9850 or something like that) sensor wise, of course omron switches and teflon, maybe some special paint and/or even some lighting. However I am not sure if Logitech will keep up with the exchangable top covers like in G9 and G9x.
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I heard that G9X recently got discontinued. So it's a good sign that G900 might be coming soon.

Personally I'd rather they don't have exchangeable shell, too many moving parts = more chance to be wobbly or break. 1 piece = more solid. I just hope they keep it claw grip and small size, also keep the multi-color LED light.

After that I wonder if they'll keep G600's theme, I kind of like the white shell with black stripe across the mid section. Also there isn't too many white mice out there would be cool if they can keep the black/white options.

As for DPI, I actually don't really care too much since I use 1300-1600 DPI range, so all the new mice out there that has ridiculous DPI that I'll never reach anyway tongue.gif
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Wondering if anyone has gotten any recent news on whether we will be getting a G900 anytime soon?
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Guessing no as Logitech just released their 's' variants of mice.
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Well it would be now a G900s wink.gif - maybe in August.
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Expectations ?

Comfy like the Mionix mice
The A9800 sensor
7-9 buttons
Wired/wireless mode(s) like some Razer models (forgot the names)

That would be spot on.
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Expectations: nothing announced
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Well hopefully they come out with something soon. I've always liked Logitech, and it's a shame they haven't come out with a new version of the G9 already.
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Heck they haven't had a new flagship gaming mouse (not an mmo mouse) in what? 3+ years? And that one was wireless. I'm not holding my breath.
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Well you can't blame them, maybe (pure speculation on my part) they're waiting for a new sensor first in order not to release their "flagship" as just another mouse that competes with the same old, same old (Avago 9500 and 9800 mice). I mean it's either Razer or Logitech getting the newest products from Avago, Philips etc. and they might wanna take their time first to show what they really have up their sleeve. Lets face it... no matter how good of a product Logitech would release, if it has the same acceleration ridden 9800 in it I'm not gonna buy it and I'm pretty sure a lot of folks feel the same here.
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