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IMO, get the MSI Radeon HD-6950 PE/OC TwinFrozrIII 2GB card @ £229 /or a Sapphire TOXIC Radeon HD-6950 2GB card if it's in the same ball park price wise, though I hear that they're over charging for the TOXIC in Europe for some reason?

They are better cards than a single GeForce GTX-560Ti unless you buy the 2 GB version (evga, Palit & Point of View make a 2gb GTX-560Ti) of that card also, then they are almost equals in every way, including price generally, so more of a coin flip of which to get.

And getting TWO GeForce GTX-560Ti for SLI ... won't give you 2 GB of vram, in case you somehow thought 1 GB + 1 GB in SLI = 2 GB overall, it doesn't work that way ... so you'd be buying TWO lesser cards for MORE money than the Single HD-6950, and since TWO HD-6950's in CrossfireX scale very well, they are a healthy jump in performance over TWO 1 GB GeForce GTX-560Ti's in SLI that frankly don't. So two HD-6950's would be your better upgrade path in the future also.

VRAM becomes important when you use Multiple Monitors and/or use Larger Monitors with Higher Resolutions and/or can sometimes be an issue with Some Games that push above the 1 GB vram wall, and I guess there are a couple games that do that now and more will likely in the future ... so you're better off getting a GPU card w/ 2 GB of VRAM on it now and in the future.

IMO ... Get the MSI Radeon HD-6950 PE/OC TwinFrozrIII 2GB /or Sapphire TOXIC Radeon HD-6950 2GB card and don't look back they're BEAST's, both come factory OC'd but can be pushed even further, and Both have a chance at UN-Locking via a simple 2 position Dual Bios switch that can (about a 60-70% chance, it's NOT Guaranteed !) upgrade the card to a full HD-6970 (no FLASH'ng required) ... and a Radeon HD-6970 is certainly MUCH better than a GeForce GTX-560ti

Good Luck

Thanks for that bit of information.

I was actually going to make a post whether to get 2x 6870 1gb, or 1x 6970/560ti 2gb.

I will stick with my plan and buy a 2gb model, and SLI/Crossfire later.