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What you should do is get a better motherboard, an MSI P55 GD65 is pretty cheap and does SLI and CF, and is a decent overclocker, and then OC your CPU. In a lot of games you will get a substantial performance increase and then you can either choose to SLI or get something else (personally I would SLI). Is your GTX 460 the 768MB or 1GB version?

There is nothing wrong with 6800 drivers, they are the same as the 6900 series afaik.

The GTX 460 is not a lower-end card, its a mid-range card, and it is apparent in all multi-card configurations. Sure a single card has almost none, but it will not offer such good value. And microstutter isnt in every game, its more apparent in some and less in others, and if you have vsync for example, it will be less "noticeable".

I had nothing but grief runnin the 6870 in crossfire when I had them.

Micro stutter is noticeable if you have limited amount of vRAM compared to how much is demanded by the game, as well as how fast the cards and refresh the images. Sure vsync can fix it, but then you're locking/limiting your FPS.

OP: There is no guarantee that you'll be able to find and/or unlock the 6950 that you buy. They seem to be hard to find brand new as well its cutting profits into most of these companies pockets .