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Dying GTX 480?

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Well lately my card has been having the BSOD with the 116. Well I tried trying older drivers, reformatting and using the stock drivers and nothing works I keep getting the same BSOD. Now I switched my card to a different PCI ex slot and now I don't get the BSOD any more I just get a black screen.

The black screen only lasts for 3 sec then it comes back on. This happens rather often though :/ Is my card dying? I tried to RMA with EVGA but they said I'm a week past my warranty now I'm stuck with this card and dunno if maybe I should just get either SLI 570 or just a 580.
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Definitely a card issue if there's still issues after trying a different slot.
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when did you buy your 480? 480 launched on March 2010. I think EVGA gives a lifetime warrenty they can give u a 580 which is basically a 480 unlocked. A lifetime warrenty should atleast last 3-5 years. They are trying to be smart. Just convince them to take the GPU back and replace it with a newer gpu.
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