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I've done three motherboard upgrades on the same windows XP install.
Ive done 2 motherboard upgrades on the same Windows 7 install.

I dont reccomend it. But i didnt want to re-install all my programs.

Windows XP and Microsoft Office XP notice that hardware settings have changed.
You will need to re-activate it.

Windows 7 also notices hardware change and requires a reactivation.
A few modern games on Windows 7 noticed the change and wanted me to activate again...

There are little things like having Windows XP boot up in IDE mode instead of AHCI mode that you should contemplate a fresh install...

But somehow i got AHCI mode booting into XP (dont ask me how) I just fool'd around and around and gave up. Then one day thought lets try AHCI mode and it worked.

Windows 7 has a patch to switch into AHCI mode from IDE.

None of this is Windows Vista related but things havent gone backwards that much from XP.

Its possible to get it working. Without re-install operating system.

If your really desperate hire a technition to do it.