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Help me choose a 120mm White LED case fan

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Title says it all, I need a few 120mm case fans with White LEDS.

Of course, I want them silent,, I mean, quiet.
So far I've found several references, please help me choose and if you have experience of any of those please tell me

Thanks, so

Enermax Apollish UCAP

Enermax Cluster Uccl1

And This one particularly attracts me for some unknown reason (carbon fiber?); can't find any reviexws - anyone have experience please?

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I am using an Enermax Cluster for about 1.5 years now. I am very happy and satisfied with it. Silent and quality fan with nice white LEDs. I think this one will not disappoint you.
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Ah, thanks. I'm so happy to have a response now. I posted this question in several thread and this is the second one I oopen asking for advice avout fans and nobody answers. Rep for you.

May I ask you what do you think of the noise low, middle and full speed and the airflow? I just discovered the pleasure of reaching the lowest temperatures with the lowest noise, so I'll mod my case accordingly, and I'm in the process of seeking every fan available on the market to get the best temperaturses I can
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According to Enermax's spec, this fan runs 500-1200rpm (8-14dbA).

I have been running my Cluster at 950rpm and I never hear a thing (sitting ½ meter away). And I am using an open bench too! Background noise in my room seems always cover its noise.

And I just crank up the speed to its max and I still do not hear its noise. If my ear is about 6'' from it, then there is a low frequency wind noise. Acoustically, it performs fairly well, in my subjective opinion.

Flowwise, its 24-53 CFM is fairly good as well.
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Wow, thanks for all these good comments indeed. A fan still silent at 1200RPM while delivering > 50CFM is quite good.

The only thing I don't get is what's justifying the price difference between the Enermax CLUSTER UCCL12 and the Enermax Apollish UCAP White ... Here priced in

for a fairer price comparison.

CLUSTER UCCL12 = 1200RPM, 53CFM, 14db
Apollish UCAP = 1700RPM, 72CFM, 15db

Reliability? Lifespan?

: Nevermind, I find other sites selling the Cluster UCCL12 for 15 euros... So it's all a matter of vendors in fact... Forget it. Thanks again for your input, I will definitely get this one.
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Wow, another edit: in fact it seems that there is a difference between

this model

This model

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According to my research, they are the same fan. Enermax France site shows the photos of the 2 versions in the same page of Cluster. This very likely indicates they are the same.

I would choose the one with the sticker as it looks better (and you can always peel it off) and more importantly it costs less.
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Amazon french site is a kind of a mess anyway and some items can be listed from 9 euros to 30 euros, shamelessly. Pixmania also does that. And using the "search" function isn't always helpful. Well I made up my mind, this fan is quiet, it has a white LED, and blades are white. Good brand, performs nicely, found one site for 12 Euros each, I'lm sold.
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Double post - my bad
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