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Hi, I have an Intel Celeron E3200 running @ 2.95 Ghz stable (stock 2.4Ghz). I'd like to ask OC'ing advice with this chip and how far i can expect to go with it? I am on stock cooling right now and it pushes 60-65c load and 45-50 idle. The high idle temps are probably because of the dust that i haven't cleaned out in 8 months.. Need to do that. My current specs are:

Intel Celeron E3200 @ 2.95Ghz (12x245)
2GB DDR2 800
Nvidia GT 220 @ Stock

Pretty s* tier, yeah i but i got it 2 years ago, and 2 years ago i wasn't playing games, at all. It actually didn't have the GT 220, I added it 9 months ago when i started playing games.
And again....another terrible decision buying that thing when i could've got a 5670 for around the same price -.-.

I'm fairly new to overclocking and I was pretty reluctant to do it but i was tired of getting terrible fps in games :/. So i decided to give it a go and i got some good results. I got an extra 10fps in games just from this relatively small OC! All i know about overclocking is to keep the RAM timings as close to stock as possible (Right?) and just try different settings until stable. My motherboard isn't really for overclocking because you can't change the voltage or the multiplier (or is that the cpu?) but how far can i get with this processor without being able to change multiplier or voltage? I am aiming for 3.4-3.6 Ghz on a Hyper 212+. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance!