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I am completely at a loss for where to post this, so here we go.

I manage a screen printing shop and I have a very frequently occurring problem with either my film printer or the related software. Both companies are blaming the other for the problem and so nothing has really been done to resolve it.

I doubt you need any knowledge of actual screen printing to be of help.

Basically we start with a piece of artwork and break it down to its individual colors (separations) using Photoshop. Those are then printed on to films via the "rip" software which are then transferred to a screen. The films are the issue. In order to produce a quality print those films have to line up (register) to each other more or less perfectly or we have colors printing on top each other or gaps where they shouldn't be.

We are using an Epson Stylus Pro 7900 HDR and the software is Filmmaker XL (7? I think that's a 7, not my writing) by Cadlink. I'm not sure the current brand of film but we've used several without any noticeable change in the problem.

When printing the films sequentially we don't usually have an issue but it does still pop up occasionally. If we have to reprint a film at a later time it's almost always significantly off from the original run, as much as ~3/8". When I say off I mean the entire image is stretched longer, and always in the direction that the printer feeds. Our graphic artist estimates a 1/20 success rate for matching films in this manner. Of course that means 19/20 times if I have to change the art for one color then I have to make the whole job from scratch. So much time wasted.

A big thanks in advance for any sort of advice anyone can offer.

Edit- I'm not the graphic artist so I don't use this stuff. It just makes my job either harder or even flat out impossible, so I'm very interested in trying to get it figured out.
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