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Spire Thermax Eclipse II

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It's got good performance reviews, performance is excellent, and comes highly recommended by pretty much all the reviewers out there.
And that's where I take issue with reviewers. Taking money or products in exchange for recommendations.
Can't say it only happens with air coolers. *Stares at CPU "reviews."*

Here's the nitty gritty about this air cooler that these reviewers don't tell you, or otherwise say it in less unattractive tones;

1. The rubber fan mounts are a majorly dumb design. I mean, it does work, but only halfway. What do I mean? The rubber fan mounts do not securely fasten the fans to the cooler. It goes only halfway in, and if pushed all the way in, the other side falls out!!

The cheap rubber mounts barely keeps the fans attached;

If you push it all the way in for security, the other end pops out since cooler is shorter than the fan holes;

2. Securely fastening the ~800g cooler to the motherboard means there are stresses on the mounting components involved, right? After all, you have to have sufficient surface contact between the CPU and the HDT pipes for effective heat dissipation.

There are four motherboard mounting bolts with nuts/spring assembly provided for that. The mounting plate and motherboard assembly appear to work and does secure the two together;

But here's the sore part, look at what fastens the mounting plate to the ~800g air cooler.

Two minute screws, with wide threading(like in wood screws), and are very soft, probably 80% lead!!

This one was sheared while I was loosening it off!
An overtightened small screw from the factory actually sheared when loosened off! Very. Bad. Quality.

There is a notch at the base that should support and help with the compression between the base and the cpu-hsf, but would you really trust these two wide-thread(wood screw?) bolts to hold the ~800g air cooler and mounting plate together while being stressed with as much as ~60lbf of static pressure-mounting force??

I wouldn't! Chinese engineers need to do better designs! And the price of this air cooler is ~$65.00! For that price I expect better build quality!

3. Lastly, can anyone tell me what happens when you have cheap, flimsy product packaging? Not to mention that there is NO security seal; hence no way to tell if you are getting a used product or if all the accessories inside haven't been lost? Well, as for poor packaging, this happens: http://db.tt/tvK9imv

Here's the plastic protector packaging that doesn't protect the product;

The only protector that actually protects is probably this one;

So, there goes your CONS for this product, which ultimately left me with a very bad experience with the Spire brand.
They even use the same two small screws for their new Gemini cooler.

The quality of a product is only as good as the quality of its individual parts.
The biggest defect I found in this cooler are those two small screws.
Spire should use a wider-diameter bolt with metal-threading that can withstand higher shear stresses.
It's good they fixed the bad fan mounting on their new product, the Gemini, but the weak link(two small screws) remain.

Hope this helps anyone out there looking for information on the Thermax.
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They sent me both the Thermax Eclipse II and the Gemini for review and I found much the same exact problems as you. But, unlike some reviewers, I actually stated this in my reviews of their products. Another big minus for the Thermax Eclipse II is the wide spacing on the heatpipes making the base wayyyy to wide. The outside heatpipes won't even engage the IHS on my i7 930 I use in my test system. The only proc that has a big enough IHS to make even marginal contact with the outside heatpipes is AMD and they just barely catch the edges of the outside heatpipes. And I also gigged them for the rather crude mounting system they are using for both heatsinks also. But with all their problems, they still do a decent job of cooling. If they would get their mounting system act together they might make a pretty decent product.
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