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Problems overclocking phenom and ram

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ok so heres my issue.

i have looked all over to try to get my cpu to overclock just a little bit and get my ram from 566 to 1066. ive read alot of forums and i wont lie im not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

im nervous about raising voltages to my cpu and ram. i built my setup purely for extending the life of my components. and in doing so i wasnt as focused on other things(SLI/Raid0)

i would like to get my cpu around 3-3.1 ghz because from what ive read it seems that is a very safe clock for what i want.

here are my specs:

Phenom II x4 920 @ 2.8ghz
Foxconn A7DA-S motherboard
4gb Mushkin ddr2 1066 5-5-5-15 (1x4gb)
EVGA gtx 560 ti superclocked
Antec EA-650 psu
Seagate 1tb + Seagate 600gb HDD's
Coolermaster HAF 932 case
Zalman am2+ cnps7500-cu LED cpu cooler

any other questions feel free to ask, and please be gentle
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There are some good stickied threads about OCing the phenoms at the top of the AMD section, you should read through them.

Safe PH II voltage is 1.45v for 24/7 but many people will even go as high as 1.5v for 24/7 shouldn't be a problem, and you also shouldn't need near that much for such a small OC.

Ram doesn't take very much voltage, its only suggested to bump ddr2 very little. Depending on your sticks, if they are rated for something like 2.1v then it would be ok to go up to 2.15v

Pretty much just gotta read through the OC guides, about OC'ing methodology and the limits of the Phenom's and then start working from there.
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ok ill read them through.

i have a few other questions, but ill save them for after i try the OC'ing guides.

thanks alot!
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ok so i did a prime95 stress test for 5 minutes on the prime95 default settings.
here is a pic of what i saw at the 5 minute mark.

after reading through part of the guide i learned 55 degrees C was a good temp to shoot for under full load.

also i kept my cpu stock for this test.

so im guessing i cant OC my CPU with the HSF i have(which is aftermarket zalman pure copper HSF...)

am i right?
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well i just tried a few things. it seems my mobo wont run my ram at 1066. it only goes up to 566 and it wont run in 1T mode.

pair that with my high cpu temp from my previous post and i have come to the conclusion that my setup is Un-Over-Clockable.

hopefully i will have the money later to buy a fresh build that most overclockers have. that way i can follow a step-by-step guide on overclocking and actually get it to do something but crash.

then i can give this to my son and we can game together
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