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The driver update relieved some symptoms of the issue occuring to the point where just enabling Aero themes is not the sole cause of hard faults/freezes. So thanks to hertz for that suggestion even though it didn't completely solve my issue, it helped lessen it for the time being.

I'm still skeptical to call this a bad video card but that's the only thing that I can conclude based on: the symptoms of my issue (graphic anythings have a chance to cause the hard fault/freeze) and upgraded drivers relieving the symptoms a little (no cpu/gpu load Aero theme desktop not incurring the issue anymore as far as I can tell). The fault/freezing still occurs whenever I try to play videos (of course it occurs randomly; 10 minutes or 10 hours of playing can incur fault/freezing).

Any other suggestions out there for me to narrow down my faulty whatever-it-may-be?