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Hi guys, i finally have my 2600k and P8Z8-V Pro, first of all i'm really happy with the performance, i won 10 fps average on most games vs my old setup using a Gtx 570

Anyway my goal was to Oc to 4.5ghz with low vcore and temps and after reading some things about Auto Oc i said well i will give it a try.

After using the Auto Oc Tuner on the Uefi Bios i'm getting 4.430mhz (HT on)@ 1.304v @load on prime95. It's has been stable for 8 hours custom blend and then i played Crysis 2 for two hours, run a couple of games benchmarks for an hour, and now i'm going to try Bf3 beta.

It's seems pretty stable to me and my max temps in prime95 are 64º on load 33º idle (i know they are high for a Silver Arrow but my Ambient temps are pretty high too) While gaming the temps are 50º-54º

70mhz difference to 4.5ghz means nothing to me so i think i will leave the auto oc, but theres my question, it is safe to do that? because i don't know if there is any side effect of letting the motherboard do an auto oc and if it is better to oc manually. Also i don't want to run prime95 again so i really want to leave this oc 24/7 until i feel that i want moar speed

Thanks for any insight, i hope this method is safe so i can start overclocking my vga a little

edit: sry the post was meant to be in the motherboard section, can a mod move it? i'm sry, thanks.
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