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thanks for the useful info.
Maybe I´ll even start overclocking it while keeping under 80*C on core
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Originally Posted by dragosmp View Post
...just a followup, though comps and the others covered these things too.

I think 121 is far too high even for VRMs. 125°C is about as high as they should ever get and I wouldn't aim straight in games knowing the card is cooking like that. That said Furmark is a completely unrealistic load so in games likely it doesn't climb that high. If after a gaming session the VRMs would be @120°C you should seriously think of improving the cooling somehow. You asked "how do I know that's the VRM?", there are two ways: first as comps said if the GPU or RAM would be over 100°C the card would artifact and crash; secondly when running a test and monitoring the 3 temps you'll notice two temps rising faster and one slower - the two fastest are (99%sure) in order: GPU and RAM/PCB, the slowest rising / flattest slope represent the VRM. It sounds silly to have to deduce it like that, but there's no other way I'm aware of and this should work.

As an alternative aircooler the Accelero S1r2 is good if you can still find it (maybe ebay) or the Accelero TwinTurbo. It shouldn't be more than 30$ and it makes a hell of a difference, but removing the stock heatsink usually voids warranty.
121*C is indeed high, but as I stated in OP my maximum VRM was ticking near 100* mostly 99* after 3h of battlefield 3 all ultra, so with the worst case scenario of 121*c with furmark, and 125 being the gap, I am not THAT concirned anymore.

I will seek aftermarket options, since my warranty is over anyways.
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Originally Posted by Kilkin View Post
So here is my concern:


Is it normal for some areas of the GPU to be that hot, and what could I do to even out the differences in temperatures?
I have a similar concern with my ASUS 6950 DCII graphics adapter:

The screen capture above is taken while executing a gpgpu application. The GPU is running at default clocks.
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