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How To Fix Corrupt User Profiles in Windows 7

This guide is for user profiles that become corrupted after the user has been removed then re-added to the computer as a local user. It will be useful for rebuilding a profile or adding a user to the same computer that was once deleted from the computer. This problem can also occur by moving the User folder to another partition or drive after users have already been created.

For home users, creating a new user with different name isn't a big deal but if you do this at least you can keep the same name. This guide will prove a lot more useful for someone in a professional environment on a domain. I just wanted to share this with people who wanted to know how to fix this problem

1)Remove the corrupt user from User Accounts with a different administrative profile, delete or backup their user folder located in the C:\Users folder. Reboot the computer. Info on how to do this

2)Log on an administrative profile and add the user in User Accounts and set as administrator, then log off the current profile.

3)Log in as the user you are trying to re-add to the computer (this must be done). The temporary profile error should pop up. To verify, navigate to C:\Users and see if there is a folder called TEMP. If so, continue on to the next steps. If everything seems to be working correctly, you will not see a folder named TEMP and you will see the user’s profile folder in C:\Users.

4)Log on a different administrative profile, if you only have one profile on your machine and it is corrupted, you can still make a new administrative user in User Accounts through the corrupted user profile.

5)In the run or search box type regedit

6)In the registry editor, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

7)In that Key, you will see several keys with random stings of numbers starting with S-1-5-21. One of those keys will have .bak at the end of the key. Rename the .bak extension to .old

8)After the Key extension is renamed to .old you must Reboot the computer.

9)After the computer has rebooted, you may log on as the correct user and I should be working properly without the temporary profile warning.

10)To verify the user is working correctly you can navigate to the C:\Users folder and verify the users profile is now in that folder and you will not see a folder named TEMP.

11)You will now be able to properly reconfigure the user with their personal settings.