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Lenovo V570 Upgrade questions. Please Help!!!

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Ok so I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad V570 for a steal from BestBuy (I know I know... It was too good of a deal to pass up) and It's not quite all that I want. I would like to upgrade as much as possible. I am of course going to be putting a large SATA III SSD and 8GB of DDR3 1600 RAM but other than that I'm not sure what all I can upgrade in it. For this model, the highest dedicated graphics card that is available is the Nvidia GeForce 525M but mine only has the Intel HD 3000 (which for integrated graphics, isn't all that bad) so is there a way that I can purchase the 525M and install it (I am a computer and electronics engineer so I am confident in my ability to do the work, it's a matter of is it possible or would I be better off returning the computer and getting one with a i7 and GTX 560 (I know it's a much more powerful laptop but I'd like to spend as little as possible lol)? So any and all ideas would be great. I would however like to have a fingerprint scanner and high resolution camera as they are handy features to have. I have already gotten plenty of use out of both of them. It's nice to be able to encrypt pictures ;-) and files and having the only way that you can open them is by using my finger. I mean I guess if they really wanted the files then they could always just cut off my finger lol. Ok so thanks for any and all information that you can offer me here.
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How much did you pay for it?

If you are really interested in a gaming laptop and you are able to return this one, then you definitely should. The upgrades you are suggesting are not worth the cost and you probably still won't be happy with the performance.

This is what I just bought:

I had pretty low expectations about it's gaming power, but I am blown away. I enjoy gaming on it just as much as my desktop.

For example, it can run Batman AA at max settings, no AA, at ~55 fps. With physx on, it is ~45 fps and it only chugs during heavy fog scenes. And that is at 1920x1080 :O

Metro 2033 does dx11 regular ~30 fps at 1920x1080.

It gets a solid 3.5 - 4 hours battery life, and I have the 2630QM.
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Well I can return it but then I will have to buy a new one from Best Buy so I am thinking that I should just get This one but then I lose the finger print scanner. I guess it's not all that important. It's just a really handy gadget to have. I mean I usually try to stay away from Asus because their quality is slipping and their tech support/ customer service is horrible now but it has a i7, 8GB of DDR3 (expandable to 16GB if I want), a 1TB HDD (and I believe that it has 2 slots for HDD's so I can put a SSD and have my data drive too) and a 560M. Oh and the back lit keyboard is nice for those late night gaming sessions. I'll just have to find some other way of encrypting my sensitive information. Any suggestions as to programs for extreme encryption? I have some personal files/pics/videos that I need to encrypt so that no one can ever access them. It's nothing bad... well, not that bad lol. It's not like porn or anything like that. I'd get a sager if I could because they are basically desktops in a laptop form factor but I can't afford it right now and plus on top of that if i return my laptop, it'll be for store credit. Someone told me that Best buy wont take back a laptop if you have downloaded anything on it or anything like that. Does anyone know the return policy? Oh and I payed less than $600 for it.
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