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DX58SO 1600MHz issue !!

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Hey guys, I'm new here

I have a problem
I had the DX58SO since 1.5 year maybe older..
and I had an 8GB kingston 1333Mhz, it was working like a charm! (4x2GB)

BTW i'm a 3D artist.
so I decided to upgrade my RAM to 16GB since I use a lot of rams when i render.

i bought this pgv316g1600elqk patriot sector 5 1600MHZ 16 GB(4x4GB)

when i removed the old ones and replaced them with the new ones, I modified the bios to update the memory speed (I also updated my bios to the latest version), the bios gave me a profile 1: XMP-1600. so till now its OK.

I re-boot the computer and it tells me that system incompatible, press Y to enter the BIOS.

I changed it to <default> (its lower 1067MHZ slower than before)
my computer worked.

here is my question. how can i get those rams to work on the 1600Mhz speed ?

If its not possible, well at least can i run them at 1333mhz?
Please advise

ref for my new memory : http://www.patriotmemory.com/product...6G1600ELQK.pdf
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anyone? please help
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