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Hello I've had this motherboard for a couple days now.

I'm doing some testing with the USB 3.0 capabilities and here's what I got (Western Digital My Passport Essential 500GB USB 3.0)

Native USB 3.0 Motherboard ports (at the back of the computer)

Included USB 3.0 Frontal (easily accesible, prefered way)

USB 2.0 from Case / Motherboard (both give the same results)

As you can see, the only way to achieve decent speeds is connecting it to the back of the computer, which is not easy in my case (my back hurts :/)

I got the computer pre-built, and I'm not sure whether it is a building problem, or just the usb 3.0 frontal...

Anyone with the same / similar motherboards could test it?

Thanks in advance!!