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You have to consider that Apple pioneered the app store and had a few good years ahead of Android. The amount of time Android has been in the app market and how many apps are out there, Android is doing very well.

Apple screens the apps before it is put into the market. Google puts no restriction on developing apps. The bad thing about Android apps, there are too many junk apps.
Not counting number of apps, but time it has taken to reach a certain number, Android is mediocre.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has taken nearly 10 months to reach 30,000 apps since launch. Apple’s iPhone App Store took just over 8 months and Google’s Android store took 17 months to reach the same amount.

Right now I'm using a (white, unlocked) Nexus S, and my previous phone was an iPhone 4. I don't miss my iPhone, but then, I am already bored of the Nexus S. It isn't a bad phone, but to my Windows Phone 7 looks so much better. XP I'm switching soon. ^_^