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Overclocking newb..

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So I have a rig sitting here that I was wanting to overclock after seeing posts about it being able to hit in the 2.5-3ghz range compared to stock.. but I have no idea where to start or if this board is even capable of doing it..

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Okay theres some cpu-z images

It is just a basic Asus M2N Board - fully updated bios to the most recent beta version.
The only options I could find in the bios were for the processor and the AI overclock..

The processors options in the bios only let me choose 9.5x multi and 1.35 vcore at the highest..

Unless there is another way to go about doing this, am I stuck?
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Guess this ones to old eh?
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up the fsb slowly and run prime 95 for stability, you want keep the ram and everything else close to stock as possible. when upping fsb and you hit failures up the voltage a tiny bit and test again, im no expert myself someone else will be able to help further but yea as you sais that board n cpu is outdated
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Biggest problem I am having thus far is the bios itself seems to be only offering me a very limited number of options as far as the vcore, fsb, etc.

Not sure if there is a way around this in the bios or with software perhaps?

At the moment the bios is updated to the most recent version I can find on Asus website
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can you list eveything the bios says
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Sure can give me just a moment
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Not the best quality pictures but it gives a basic idea of what I am looking at

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And more

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If there is something not in those that you need, just let me know =)
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