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You have a Phenom. That's a bottleneck.

Not sure if that's why you're getting the stuttering but I think it should be something to check out as I have described above.

a phenom will only bottleneck a gpu at lower resolutions. Resolutions below 1920x1080. Intels and AMD are about as identicle as you can get at higher resolutions. I hear what you're saying but that isn't the issue. The frames were never below 35fps the problem wasn't some crazy lag it was the very slight microstutter where the fps would be at 40fps but it almost looked as if it were at 25fps. This problem is occuring with ATI xfire across a large aray of systems i'm finding out. the main problem is xfire. I was talking to another guy with a i7 980 and he had xfire 6950's running eyefinity as well and was getting the same fps and microstutter as me.

We just need better drivers is what it looks like