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Need Some Help

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Here are my related specs.

So I just got a set of http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820231311 this RAM to replace some generic RAM I got from MicroCenter.

The RAM I had to begin with was stable at the default settings, however it seems no matter how I fiddle with this new RAM I simply cannot get it stable.

I used http://gskill.us/forum/showthread.php?t=7688 this little tutorial to attempt to get the RAM running at the advertised 1600. With the second method I was able to at least get it booting, but it has no stability (games, programs will crash, got BSOD running prime95) and also failed Microsoft's memory diagnostic. For some reason I also can't boot if I attempt to alter the timings myself, even if I set them to the ones detailed by the G.Skill forums.

The first method in that post didn't work at all.

As you can see by the specs I posted I'm currently running it at the default speed my motherboard sets it to, 1333. However, I also have no stability at this speed either! This is the most distressing part. I'm still getting program crashes and errors that I never had using my old memory. I'm wondering if perhaps one of the sticks is bad, so I'm going to try memtesting them individually, however, I figured I'd go ahead and see if anyone had another idea as to what could be causing all this instability.

I'm not terribly interested in overclocking my memory, I'd just like to get it running at the specified clock and timings, if you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it.
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Update: Looks like one of the sticks is just faulty. Can boot with it but will get a BSOD within seconds of getting to the desktop on both 1333 and 1600. Other stick works fine and passes memtest on both settings.

Does anyone have any experience with sending something back to G.Skill? Are they good about fixing faulty products?
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G skill are very good and will replace your faulty memory without any problem.
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Thanks for the confirmation. I'll send it back to them ASAP.

Well, while I'm still here, does anyone have any idea why I can't manually change the timings (even to the default values they use) without errors?
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