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Hi people do the following without warning

1.Post your specs
2.and the scores of benchmark softwares
3.(Time comparison)[very important])daily used softwares av scans, video transcoding, windows/other os boot up in seconds and maybe fraps fps in games

Specs (model # is a mandatory)
Gigabyte Motherboard 1155/56
GTX 560 Ti Asus
8GB DDR3 RAM Corsair
2TB Western Digital HD
Any others specify

Benchmark Software Scores

3DMark Score
PCMark Score
Other BM Software Scores


(Now this is very important as it will posted by individuals)

Virus Scan
Comodo AV My Computer Scan
Total time:28 Minutes with 100GB of Software excluding OS
Video Conversion
Xilisoft Video Converter
200MB Mp4 720X480 to 1920x1080 ???MB MPEG
Total Time:3.16 Minutes or 190 Seconds
Windows Boot
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Total Time:25 Seconds
Fraps Fps in Games
BFBC2 1920x1200
Settings= ????
Fraps Fps= ????