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Display Problem - Troubleshooting Help!

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Good morning everyone, I have been having problems with my computer recently and have been trying to narrow it down.

While gaming, my computer will "lock" up. Just recently it would give me the problem with the drive not responding and it would recover (only happend once). Every other time, it would go into "sleep" mode, and freeze my machine. When I boot back up, sometimes the problem happens within the next couple hours, sometimes days.

This problem only occurs while gaming, World of Wacraft to be specific (since that's all I really play atm). I haven't had the time to test other games, since it's so sporadic in crashing.

I have tried one of my PSU testers from work, and my PSU failed the second time trying to test. It lit up the LEDs the first time, but the second time nothing lit up.

It's very possible one or all of my cards are dead, or even my motherboard. However, I don't currently have a spare motherboard to test (nor any tubing to re-do my loop which really should be done if I'm taking my stuff apart) or a spare GPU.

I've also thought it's possible that my PSU could be dying out, or not supplying enough power to the system due to the wall socket it's plugged into. However, I'll have to try and figure out where in my house I can plug it in so it's on a different circuit.

Testing Done So Far:
- Installed 4-5 different driver versions (driver swept all of them in safe mode)
- Reformatted my PC
- Updated all mobo drivers and BIOS
- Unplugged and tried different pci-e connectors from my PSU
- Made sure all cards/plugs were in firm/not loose
- Checked my RAM with Memtest (which I did find one stick causing errors that I took out), so only running 1 tested and good stick of RAM
- Checked SSD firmware (have latest version)
- Different SLi connectors

- Cards sat @ 750mhz while OC'd
- CPU sat @ 4.5ghz
- Cards were never over-volted
- Since the first crash, nothing has been OC'd

Temps: Just to eliminate those as a possible problem also
- CPU + GPU's are fully water cooled
- CPU & GPU temps idle between 32c and 38c
- CPU load hits 50c max
- GPU load hits 60c max
- While gaming, my CPU sits in the mid 40c and GPU sit around 50c

GPU Testing:
- 3way-SLi [x]: Worked fine from when I built my system until late August. So about 4months
- Cards 1 & 2 [x]: Worked fine for a few days, then same problem
- Cards 1 & 3 [x]: Worked fine for close to two weeks, then same problem
- Cards 2 & 3 [x]: Crashed over-night (10/11)
- Card 1 [ ]: Currently testing

Need to Test:
- Different PCI-e cables from PSU
- Different wall socket

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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I suggest some further GPU testings:-

a. Disable all SLI and test each card individually. From your GPU Testings, it seems card #2 and #3 might be having problem. (or, perhaps it is those PCIEx16 slots that these 2 cards sit in)

b. Disable Surround (as I see you are running 3 monitors) and just connect one monitor.
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bump windfire's post about SLI. Try running on a single vid card/monitor for a while , and see if the crashing persists. What are your Nvidia CP global settings?
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Hmm, ya, one thing I had in the back of my mind to test but really didn't want to lol. Since I had everything setup for surround, including games.

But I'll start single card testing tonight when I get home. I'll also add what my settings are for your Arimis.
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Global settings are default.

Currently testing card 1.
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