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pc starts-stops-restarts

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Hello i ha little problem with my pc.

When i power up the computer starts and before post it stops and restarts. After that it works normally and enters the OS BUT with reseted multiplier.

Im on 40x multiplier on 2500k i5
LLC enabled
PLL disabled
BCLK set to 100
ram set to 13.33
Everything else default or auto.

This overclock is pretty much safe.
on full load working on 1.308 to 1.320 and temps max 65C on cores and 55 on CPU.
On idle falls to 0.800 or something and temps on 28C
which is normal.

shall i give some more Vcore like +0.010 or what?

system is:
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3 GHz Overclocked @ 4.0 GHz
Case: Cooler Master Elite 430 Black
CPU Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper TX3
Motherboard: Gigabyte P67A D3 B3 (s1155, P67, DDR3)
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X 8GB DDR3 1333MHz (2x4GB kit)
Graphics Card: MSI GTX 460 OC Edition GDDR5, 1GB 725/1450/3800
Hard Drive: SSD Crucial M4 64GB SATA III 6 Gb/s Read speed 500MB/s
Hard Drive 2: Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB SATA III 6 Gb/s
Power Supply: Cooler Master GX Series 650W PSU Bronze 80+
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I've seen something like this on the old P55 motherboards when they are overclocked. Have you updated your BIOS??

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Originally Posted by compuman145 View Post
I've seen something like this on the old P55 motherboards when they are overclocked. Have you updated your BIOS??

Bios is up to date there is something wrong with the voltages or what?
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No, that's called Vdroop, that's fine.

But i've just noticed the reset multiplier. I wouldn't let the Vcore be set automatically. I'd probably set it manually to 1.28 or something and see if that's stable. It does sound like the automatic Vcore isn't pushing enough through.

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i cant set the vcore manually to my mobo i just can set + or - to the automatic. In full load works on 1.308 i think its fine. I have enabled LLC for vdroop
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I had this same thing happen when I tried to OC. I had to reset and clear CMOS for it to go away. I was told it had to do with vcore as well. It is weird you cant set vcore manually. If you have to OC it then maybe you should find a reason to RMA it buy a new MB that you can adjust it in the bios and then sell your current board. I know it is a bit of a hassle, but it may be what you need to do.
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I cant change the vcore itself but i can change the vcore offset... i mean i can make vcore go +0.010 or -0.010 or whatever the number is.
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