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OCed i7 and new RAM

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Hello, everyone ! My first post here.
Guess its a noob question, but i never OCed my rig, and the one i have now was already OCed when i bought it.

I bought new RAM yesterday Mushkin 3x2GB DDR3 PC3-12800 7-9-7-24 Radioactive.

My rig is OCed to 3.1GHz. Now i want to know if i should reset my BIOS to default values before installing new RAM ?
I have:
Intel Core i7 920@3GHz
Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5
OCZ DDR3 3×1GB PC3-12800 gold edition
Im not planing to keep my old RAM.

Thank you in advance.
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Yes reset the cmos first before installing new ram.

Sounds like you know what you are doing without our help
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Thank you for your quick reply!

Ok i got that part, but wait when i start posting questions in other thread, because im planing to OC my rig again to 3.1GHz. Actually im not sure if i should OC it again or just leave it at stock values.
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Finally i had some spare time today and decided to install new RAM and ofc there are problems.

When i install my new Mushkin RAM, system doesn't boot. I turn on computer, can hear fans spinning and that's it. Nothing is shown on display and monitor goes to stand by. Also i dont hear a beep, i usually hear few seconds after i turn on my pc.
I cleared CMOS and also i flashed BIOS to latest stable version i found on gigabytes website.

Should i take my RAM back to store and maybe try to exchange it for some different RAM ?
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if you installed the ram in the slot starting closest to the cpu move them all over one.
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