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You know, I originally came here to whine and moan, but I might as well as for help while I'm here.

I bought this desk:

which is a Bestar Embassy L-shaped desk (I got the credenza, not the executive desk).

As of now, I am not satisfied with what I received. The wood seems like great material and nothing was broken (at least not yet) but I have only had the chance to setup the drawer unit, which took me FIVE HOURS last night.

So why am I upset?

Well...apparently, or so it seems, that Bestar appears to require you to screw in everything to the EXACT micrometer, otherwise the drawer unit won't function properly.

Let me quickly explain.

So I installed all of the ball bearings onto the drawers and then the inside of the unit. I followed all of the instructions to a T, using the correct screws and everything when appropriate. I ran into my first issues when the drawers, when screwing in the drawer walls together, didn't line up properly. Trust me, I screwed exactly where the holes were too. Anyways, I will skip the horror story that was putting the desk together. Five hours speaks volumes enough. Finally, 3 AM rolls around and I'm getting ready to sleep since I had work in 4 hours and the unit is finished. Man was I excited. I proceeded to put the drawers into place in uncontrolled excitement. To my despair, the first drawer I tried didn't slide well into the ball bearings...I tried the other drawer and it slid in fine. But guess what, it didn't go all the way in. The ball bearings were all lined up, I think, but there was about a cm opening on the left side and a half a cm on the right side. I said "whatever" and lived with it. I installed the larger drawer on the bottom and it slid in perfectly as well. It also didn't go all the way in, and this one was actually crooked. That is, it didn't line up straight with the desk. The second drawer still wouldn't install on the second set of bearings, and when I finally jammed it in there (not too hard, don't worry), it was rubbing against the bottom drawer.

Just absolutely ridiculous.

Needless to say, next time I will start with the desk itself and leave the drawer for last - but if anyone wants to offer any advice - for example: bring it to Staples right now, they'll disassemble and reassemble for $100 - then PLEASE DO!