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Hello, after receiving my new Antec DF 85 and Corsair HX1050, I have noticed that one of the front panel connectors is EXTREMELY hot. I believe this is because there is no fan hole under the psu and I can't mount it with the fan up because the 24 and 8 pin won't reach. The only thing is that it is the only cable to be this hot. I noticed when I smelled something burning, and immediately powered down. The computer was in sleep mode all night.

Could this cable overheat/spark/cause a fire? I would love to know, it is one of the front panel connectors btw.
I have the DF-35 and the shop initially installed the PSU with the fan facing down - i wasn't comfortable with that and went back and had them install it facing up as the PSU would then be able to draw in more air.....facing down there is only a small gap for the air to be drawn in - i think it's too small a gap.....the psu fan really needs to be facing up in the Def Con cases unless you cut a hole at the bottom (but that's too much mucking around). But it still didn't solve my Coolermaster Extreme 700 problem - it's too noisy still. But i noticed it pushed out more air through the back when the fans were installed facing upwards!