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Originally Posted by Garfwog View Post
just plug the Quadro into one monitor, and the 570 into the other. now about the 16x and 8x bandwidth deal, that depends on which one is a higher priority to you, if gaming is more important to you, put it in the 16x, if its less important than super-editing, put it in the 8x.

See that's why I didn't want to convert to 2600K actually. With the LGA 1366 socket, every single slot ran at 16x, no down-grading when installing other cards. It sounds like I'm gonna get a hell of a lot more promise out of the i7-980x hexacore. And for only 300 dollars more? Screw it, I'm doing it, no more 2600K. Plus, apparently the most convincing line involves overclocking. I forgot to mention. I'm not an overclocking kind of guy. So, I guess that answers that
Thanks man I knew that but I didnt know if there was a special type of program or hardware I would need to do that :S
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Your slot choice doesn't actually matter bc the real world difference is a 2%ish loss when a x16 is compared to a x8 etc...so put it wherever.
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So in the end did you buy a quadro for your workstation and then one for gaming? I did and its wonderful, no lag in games and no lag in my workstation either. cost me $1200 for the quadro and $389 for the GTX 570 but it is totally worth it to get full performance from both cards in the apps I need.
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I've decided that I'm not going to make such a big fuss about gaming for this computer, and stick to a standard gaming card. I picked the GTX 460, this one:


and the Quadro 4000. When I get to gaming, I'm thinking I'll just use it as a motivator to work harder, and then I'm gonna start building an AMD computer with a 6900 series Radeon. but I also want to fit a Pro card in there too, I was thinking about this one:


but that's for the distant, distant future, i haven't even bought my Intel parts yet.
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