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What does this have to do with gfx? Im not saying valve games need better gfx, I am just calling them out on their gfx being obsolete which people seems so hesitant to do on this forum.
Ok, little bit of a contradiction there man!!

You say Valve games don't need better gfx but then say their gfx are obsolete??

Define obsolete in the context you meant then. If their gfx, in your opinion, are obsolete, then wouldn't that mean, in your opinion, that they need better gfx?

Im not saying that Valve games graphics are good or bad, neither am I saying that CODs are either, I'm just saying that for the time being they are suitable for their needs. If an engine can be modded to make it look better then surely it isn't obsolete until it can't keep up with the rest of the market.

Take the new Road Hog engine for a start. Very pretty, but does it really bring anything new to the table? Is it really that much better than Source? That was the point I was making. The Source engine can do what it needs to for now.

As for COD games. I actually like them, the one thing I do not like however, is being a noob vs level 50 players and spawn, die, spawn, die.... very frustrating, and the reason BF wins that for me.