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I'm still using 7900 GS KO in SLI

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Yep that's right. Sad ain't it. Even sadder is that it is EVGA's overclocked version and I have them overclocked further and they Haven't blown up yet. In fact they outlived my first build (Socket 939 based with 3 GB of Ram) and are now stuck in a AM3 Phenom x4 powered machine with 8GB of RAM on a Dual 16x PCI-E Mobo.

Now I don't have them to overclocked because I experienced problem going any higher than 515 Core and 730 on memory (Whole screen artifacting) and Because they don't run as cool as they used to (Idle is 61 w/ fan at 30% and Load tops at about 78 with fans on 90%.

They aren't bad cards and I love them to death, and the fact that they still work... mostly is something to be said.

Now to the point of making this thread, I want something new because who knows how much longer these are going to last

I want something better. At first I was eyeballing the 550 Ti which I now know sucks... Badly and That's not an option for me. Now Given it is most likely better then what I am currently on with SLI (If not that's kinda sad) it just has plain horrible reviews.

Now I'm not a heavy gamer. I play EvE amd plan on Getting the new Elder Scrolls game probably, and what I want even though I have a SLI configuration, is 1 Card that is better then what I have so I can use more then one monitor.

I'm not sure though if with newer cards you can use more then 1 screen with SLI enabled cards (You cannot do so with 7900's) So if 2 cards can be used as such, I would probably prefer that route and SLI them.

I am not eyeing any ATI/AMD card obviously, so those are not option seeing I have strictly an SLI only board based on the 990a chipset.

I have looked at the regular GTX 560's (Ti's are out of my price range) and the GTX 460 for the single card set up, and the reason was that I was going to leave in a 7900 just to run other screens. But if newer cards and run SLI and power 2 screens off one card nowadays that's ok.

I'm not interested in anything super overclocked. I'm looking for quality build and trust, not how much I can push the card till it explodes. Again all I do really in play EvE, Starcraft II and render Hi-Def movies and record in-game with Fraps.

I just need help deciding what I should get (like waiting for the next GPU to come out and snag a 560 when It becomes cheap, or grab 460's now since the support hasn't changed that much) and whether SLI would be worth it for me.

EDIT: I just also feel like they are bottlenecking the performance output of my current machine.

AMD RANA (Unlocked Phenom x4 - verified) underclocked to 2.8 on 1.10 volts

8 Gigs of G-Skill 1333 Ripjaws (Also if anyone has anyclue to why I cannot get these to run on dual channel on my Mobo (Asus m4n98TD-Evo) and a trick to get them to run in the other slots lets me know please)

Asus M4N98TD-Evo MB

500 Watt Rosewill Stallion series PSU

Soundblaster Audigy 2-ZS (You can laugh)

3 Various 7200 RPM harddrives from Western Digital ( 2 80 gigs and 1 500)

Current GFX cards are 2 7900 GS KO's in SLI x16

Thank You
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GTX 560, better performance, less heat, (probably) better oc capabilities, newer CUDA version.

2 GTX 560 in SLI are much faster than GTX 580.
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I have a GTS250 and it can max out Eve @1920x1200. I would go with the GTX460, they are available super-cheap right now and won't have any problem with the uses you have for it.
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