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inexpensive SSD for non-SLI gaming

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My first build, planning to buy in Q1 2012

I am seeking a build most for Gaming, HD movie, internet and Daily
use. Kinda tight in Budget being in India arround
55k. I may planning Little Overclocking but no SLI

Config -
i5 2500K
CM Hyper TX3 CP
Ripjaws 8GB (F3-12800CL9S-4GBRL x2)
Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 Z68 OR ASUS P8P67 PRO B3 Revision LGA 1155
Kingston 30gb ssd plus WD Caviar Blue
WD5000AAKX 500GB 6.0Gb/s [WD5000AAKX]
__________________________________________________ ____

That (budget) SSD is good enough? I am looking for least expensive 30gb SSD

Is PSU sufficient ?

And is z68 has some benefit over p67 considering SSD. I prefer Asus z68 because it will be PCIe 3.0 supporting....
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I would get a 64gb m4 they are not expensive to buy and tend to have good deals on
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You'll be fine psu wise as for the ssd it's worth the money if you buy it large enough for you os and a few games that would benefit quicker load times , for the rest it will not benefit having ssd it won't make your internet faster lol.... Basically depends if you want to spend 300$ on a ssd or get the hd caching with Z68...
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@ryanbob1234 well its suck in India being a gamer. I would merely get Crucial here. Kinston, corsair and samsung pl check ebay.in for me :$

@night197 truthfully i have no idea how z68 works with SSD ? I was just copying some config points from ready made builds similar to mine- well off course they were without SSD.
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As far as config is concerned i am confused in between Asus p67 and z68

Graphics is Asus GTX 460 or Asus 560.

I referred sticky post in SSD forum which says to effectively use 40gb SSD by moving unnecessary file to mechanical drive using regedit commands.

Will it work for me?

Can i expect a bit performance gain against non SSD setup with kingston?
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Well if you get the Z68 you can use a 40 GB ssd as cache for your HHD setup (i Recommend a raid 0 setup) therefore your ssd will act as a giant buffer boosting your hhd performance over time thats the cheapest option.. Personaly I suggest you get a 60 GB or higher ssd to install your os on it.. Then you will notice a big difference right away and with that idealy you want a sata 6 SSD from either kingston intel (my favorite) or corsair... Ocz has the higheswt failure rates so I would avoid them.
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so using p67 and ssd there no performance gain? It seems i should drop ssd thing. costing me without much outcome.

bro 60gb SSD is way way out of my budget. Perhaps i can sacrifice something more parts to buy 40gb from these 2 choices. Its India, it kinda sucks here.


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I see a point that i do not want each and every software to run at blazing speeds even the games. Thats why i am choosing 6gbps mechanical drive than cheaper 3gbps. Just want good performance enhancement than the non SSD setup.

PS: i have no idea how z68 board caches SSD or p67 doesn't.

My first aim.
Asus p67 plus SSD. If board is not worthy for SSD then i will be shifting to z68. I never did video conversions z68 i what meant to do faster.
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