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Originally Posted by baws;15458576 
Most CS 1.6/CSS pro gamers use the QCK+ and QCK Heavy with the Sensei or XAI. So it must not be a terrible option.

Counter-Strike in all honesty is not really a game a mouse can excell at.
Take Quake3/Live or similar and you may notice what I said. It benefits way more by a good mouse than CS.
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I don't agree, because in quake you can 'strafe aim' many shots, also in quake you don't need to flick shot(main advantage of muscle memory) as much as you have to in CS, it's usually predicting (rockets,pg) or tracking(lg,mg) where almost any mouse would do just fine.
In CS most of your aiming comes from your mouse and many times you need to flick shot at mid/high distances. In slow paste games you can't correct your aim with your movement.

Btw, I am QL player.

On topic,

I think that with less than 10 cm/360 you shouldn't experience any acceleration with any mouse pad but there could be little jitter on some cloth ones that you might feel with such a high sensitivity.

If you want to use enotus from my previous post then do this:
-run the program
-press start under Resolution section, hold LMB and move mouse until you reach DPI that you currently use.
-press start under speed section,
-turn game on, play as usual but move your mouse fast to find what is your max speed.
-quit the game and see Max speed in Enotus.

Compare the result with the graph. If your result is below 0.5m/s I think you are fine but it's up to you to decide what is fine smile.gif.
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