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edit: I found out there's a whining coil on my gtx560ti and that was that
so i guess this isn't dangerous and i'll just have to live with that..
no reason to read this post further than this..

hello fellow overclockers!
i am new here so i couldn't decide in which section should i post my problem.
i would be very happy if someone helped me!
so here it goes...

There's a strange +-quiet noise coming from my rig when i:
1) minimize any window (right when the window is going down to the task bar)
2) maximize any window (click on it on the taskbar (while the window is being brought up))
3) installed STALKER Call of Prypiat and when i open the game, the noise is constant while it is open, when i bring it down to the task bar it stops
here is a video and audio of the problem:
video starts when there is no weird noise, the i click on STALKER in the taskbar that is already open but minimized to taskbar to present you the noise and do a quick trip around my components for checking where is the loudest place)
i'm guessing that's the 560ti making that sound..
have heard the noise months before while playing mafia2 but due to the location of my rig didnt hear the noise and fans are louder than the noise

my rig:

i5-2500k @ 4.6GHz
gigabyte gtx560ti-1GI-950 @ 1000-2000-2290MHz
2x2GB kingston ddr3 1600MHz
ASRockP67extreme4 rev3
750W chieftec modular
thermaltake frio
1tb caviar blue + some samsung laptop sata hdd
ask if anything else is needed

ofcourse as everyone else I have the 560ti driver was not responding and has recovered with newer drivers than 275.33 even on reference speeds but on 275.33 stable and 3dmark11 overall score 5509.. didn't see a higher score of a single 560ti on owners club

hey.. maybe it is normal? i'm guessing I had this thing from the start when i put my components together, just now in this moment rig is right above my head

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i5-2500k ASRockP67extreme4 Gigabyte 
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i5-2500k ASRockP67extreme4 Gigabyte 
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